Case: Upplabs

Increased company’s net profit by 3x,
scaled funnel by 5x, doubled employee headcount
in just 3 months.

About the company

IT company Upplabs is engaged in outsourced service development in fintech, healthcare and real estate. The company was founded in 2014 and has gradually grown: in the beginning – only four specialists, in 2020 – already 28. Upplabs has extensive experience in working with complex projects, often implementing legacy rebuild of the client’s product or a complete project rescue in a short time.

But there were a number of problems in development, among them the company’s rate of return was 20% lower than the market average, staff turnover, geography of clients and startups at the stage of idea, which required much attention of the team but did not bring adequate profit or growth.

Step by step implementation


  • Full audit of all business units
  • Identification of bottlenecks and metrics for priority changes (GPM (Gross Project Margin) and Average revenue per employee)
  • Identification of business verticals for development based on existing expertise
  • Repositioning the company as a solution provider for specific niches- Reloading all places of communication with clients – website, presentations, marketing materials


  • Changing the focus of lead generation activities to a new target audience
  • Changed the structure of the Bizdev department with full Leadgen, SDR, Closer roles and combined sales and marketing into one team.
  • We created a KPI system for each activity.
  • Standardised the presales process, dividing responsibility areas between participants
  • Automated some of the bizdev processes
  • Identified a group of clients with the highest potential for expansion and achieved two successful upsell contracts.

HR and

  • Brought in specialists from the market to do more substantial work on team pains and improve retention rates
  • Standardised onboarding, formulated Employee Value Proposition and company values, worked on improving the social package
  • With the help of the Advisory Board, we launched trainings for key employees regarding teamwork, communication with colleagues
  • Conducting a Recruitment audit and based on the audit results, the team was strengthened with a Senior associate


  • Decided to form a PMO-unit – now every project has a responsible person, which contributes to the clients’ loyalty.
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  • 3x net profit growth due to better positioning and alignment to market rates.
  • Revenue growth by 10-15% from month to month.
  • 3x growth in average check per contract.
  • 5x sales funnel growth. The funnel continues to grow in order to meet the scaling targets.
  • 2x growth in the number of employees. Company grows by 5-10 employees each month and continues to grow. 
  • Each employee generates 20% more revenue than before. – Employee turnover reduced by 70%.

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