Rapid business scaling (i.e. x2 in 2 months, x10 in a year)

Building business units from scratch

Operational optimization of the business

Launch of new products and services

Recruiting set up and systematization

Full marketing support of a service business

Leadgen pipeline boost

Top management and advisory board of Nika Tech Family:

Has launched and maintained the IT/services businesses of all scales (from 30 to 800+ people)

Has participated in numerous mergers and acquisitions on the side of both acquired and acquiring business

Have started and successfully operate the companies in Eastern Europe, US, China, UAE, UK and other geos

Is ready not only to share knowledge and expertise, but also to put all the efforts into making portfolio business a success

Expertise of portfolio companies

  • Traffic generation
  • Lead generation
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO & Brand Awareness
  • Developing international products
  • Effective user acquisition
  • Game production

Expertise of portfolio companies

  • Fintech
  • Finance
  • Software development
  • High-load cross-platform web and mobile systems
  • Professional video production