Case: Natural Links

How to grow EBITDA
by 102% in 3 months?

About company

Natural Links provides premium crowd marketing: they place organic posts with mentions and links to brands/products at the popular forums, blogs, and platforms.

Five years ago, Natural Links was founded by SEO professionals Denis Dementienko and Valery Ivanov. Now the company has more than 100 employees, and Ukrainian offices are located in Kyiv and Odesa.

The company’s employees write in 20 languages ​​and work in the markets of 100 countries.

Until 2020, the company grew by 5-10% every month, but there were “kickbacks” back every two to three months. Besides, half of the customers bought links only once and did not return to the product. This year the business has reached a “plateau”: it earned about $ 25 thousand in net profit per month but did not grow.

Main points
(before and after)

Implementation: step by step


  • Business analysis and building a new financial model 
  • Existing customer base analysis
  • Target audience portraits creation
  • Customer segmentation with a focus on large companies
  • New product launch for brand mentions on social media platforms


  • Optimisation of the order packages (just 3 main ones were kept at the site)
  • Systematic work with the sales funnel
  • Customer retention reload


  • CRM system implementation
  • Automation of the order placement
  • Creating a functionality of the client’s Personal Account to reduce the operational burden on managers


  • Updates of the website, all the marketing materials and presentations
  • Content marketing and content production for blog, social networks, and PR materials 
  • Email marketing and other activities for the existing clients aimed at LTV increase


  • Building a bizdev business unit from scratch
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  • Operating costs for serving small customers have dropped by 80%.
  • Website conversion has grown x20.
  • We optimized time usage for the Natural Links team. Instead of 20 thousand links, the same team processes up to 55 thousand links per month.
  • We increased the company’s monthly revenue by $ 51 thousand and the net profit – by 102%.
  • Customer retention has increased – 81% of customers come back and buy the next order.

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