Case: iLogos

In one quarter, we managed to increase revenue
by hundreds of thousands of dollars and expand the sales funnel
from $ 2 million to $ 15 million.

About company

iLogos Game Studios, and outsourcer and solution provider in the gaming industry, is already 14 years old. The company experienced ups and downs, was even about to close, and in 2014 the founders had to evacuate the business with all its employees from the war zone in Luhansk.

During the last couple of years, the company has stopped growing and hit a plateau.

We, at Nika Tech Family, decided to make a “reload” of our portfolio company.

Implementation: step by step

and bizdev

  • Audit of all the iLogos business activities and all contact points between the business and the client – through documentation, presale process, presentation materials, and communication.
  • Structuring the sales funnel.
  • Defining goals in MRR and ARR.
  • Building a separate upselling process for existing customers.
  • Structuring of the New Biz direction by technological verticals and geographic principle.
  • Launching a new technological vertical – Unreal Engine.
  • The inbound direction reload – correct positioning, updating presentations, launching systematic marketing activities.
  • Regular funnel updates: with weekly tracking and collective brainstorms on special deals.


  • Optimized the structure of recruiting and production units.
  • We established and continue to strengthen a team of leads so that each of them promotes the necessary transformations in their unit – tech leads, art direction, live-ops.
  • New tech leads were involved – some of them were recruited, others were promoted based on performance review.
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HR and work
with talents

  • For each company unit, we selected the company’s culture ambassadors who are genuinely carrying the company’s values, drive the transformation and show its effectiveness by their own example.
  • Another critical decision was to attract the expertise of portfolio companies for consultations in HR and recruiting. The recruiting audit results allowed us to accelerate the average rate of vacancies closure from six to three weeks. However, we are still working on this indicator and plan to accelerate new projects’ rollout at even larger volumes.


  • Strengthened the product vertical with expertise in Product Ownership.
  • Prepared the basis for transformation into a solution provider.


  • Conducted a financial audit.
  • Structurized all the financial flows.
  • Created a system for tracking key profitability indicators in international businesses with many accounts in almost real-time.
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Key Results and Future Plans

  • In just one quarter the revenue skyrocketed by hundreds thousands $, and profits were up 50% QoQ. And we will not stop at that point.
  • New positioning helped iLogos become a solution provider for the world’s top gaming companies – Sony, Disney, Playrix, EA, and others. It has become much easier for us to attract the talents. At iLogos, you have an opportunity to work on the projects with a multi-million audience and directly participate in the success of the world’s top gaming titles.
  • We’ve made a lot, but it was just a beginning. Our vision on the business for the nearest 3 years still involves lots of interesting updates. Personal roles of the fund’s partners is now transferring into more overseeing kind of involvement, whereas the execution is being made by the iLogos team.

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