Bizdev Overseer Vacancy

Nika Tech Family is an investment fund that specialises in smart money for service businesses with global distribution, IT outsourcing in particular.

By SMART INVESTMENT we mean the type of investment which is not limited by standard cash-out/cash-in deals, but also foresees an active involvement and assistance for portfolio business in scaling and sustainable growth.

When NTF Fund invests into a business, it covers the following aspects of its operation:

  • Boost of business development (including audits of the ongoing activities, positioning and strategy)
  • Building turnkey business units (for example, launches of new products and services)
  • Scaling of the operations

And many more!

In 2020, the fund has invested in 3 businesses that have grown 3x in average during a year. In 2021, fund is planning on 1-2 more investments.

At the moment all the businesses in NTF portfolio are showing a positive growth dynamics, so we are excited to announce a position of Bizdev Overseer to maintain and lead the growth dynamics in our portfolio.

You’re definitely going in the same direction with us if you:

  • Have 5+ year of experience managing Business Development teams on the international markets
  • Built Bizdev departments from scratch
  • Have an excellent track of record with achieved and over-achieved KPIs
  • Have experience in driving and personally closing enterprise software contracts
  • Are comfortable working in a straight forward result-oriented manner
  • Know how to build and fine-tune the Bizdev strategies
  • Are an excellent communicator in English (any other languages are an advantage)

What you will do:

  • Drive Bizdev boost in 2 portfolio businesses of NTF
  • Lead the innovations
  • Mentor heads of departments and key team members
  • Maintain the growth dynamics and propose strategy changes
  • Personally participate in closing the most critical key account

If you feel it’s about you, please reach out to [email protected]