Investment strategy

Investment stages

  • Seed
  • Pre-A
  • A

Selection criteria

  • Business clarity
  • Profitability and growth
  • Leadership ambition
  • Advisability of our mentorship

We reject

  • Ideas of businesses
  • Competitors of our portfolio companies
  • “Black niches” - businesses that don’t operate according to the law

Investment focus

& Marketing


B2C Healthcare
& Entertainment

Big Data
& Analytics

Specifics of the businesses
we're interested in


Boutique IT and Digital service leaders

that work internationally, focus on quality, have outstanding cases, and complement the current NTF portfolio

We help these companies grow by structuring long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with top product and service companies on the basis of revenue division from upside, which is attained through a win-win strategic partnership.


Niche leaders with an IT and
Digital component

that have profitable products and services and aim to be #1

We help these companies to scale: by developing and complementing weak strategic business areas through partherships with NTF portfolio members that don’t just close the competence gap but do it to the best of their qualifications and abilities and according to the fair partnership conditions inside NTF.

We only invest in

  • the founders of which are majority owners;
  • that can gain value and achieve guaranteed growth through mentorship and partnership with NTF.